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I purchased an exotic wood Compass Rose in-lay/on-lay from CLC to put on the deck at the rear of my Skerry.  I also would like to put an on-lay of my own on the front deck, something to the effect:  Handcrafted by XXX XXX XXX, 2008,  in a circular pattern about the same size as the compass rose onlay and with a graphic in the center like other CLC wood onlays.  I'm having the graphic design created by a local sign shop and my question is:  What kind of medium should the graphic be printed on for onlay?  I'm thinking something clear like a thin acetate that will be easier to cover over with three layers of epoxy and then multiple layers of varnish.  I think I read someplace on this site where someone printed a similar graphic for onlay on regular white printing paper because it will disappear under the epoxy.  Also are there any concerns with inks used for the printing; whether it will have a chemical reaction and break down under epoxy?  Any tech assistance here will be appreciated.  Thanks, Bob

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RE: Deck On-Lays

Don't know about ink problems regarding chemical reactions....but I would assume there is nothing to worry about regarding the ink.

I believe one method commonly used for the DIYer is to just use velum.  Just find some lightweight stuff.  Once wetted can barely see it.  Another method I've seen used is to print on clothes "pattern" paper.  Like a McCall's pattern.  Just find an area without any other printing on it big enough for your image, cut out the area, tape it to regular printer paper, and print using a laser printer.  My guess for using a laser printer is that the ink is "burned" on, not "sprayed" on as with ink jets.  I'm assuming the ink jet ink may "run" during the wet-out process.  Just a guess.

Have fun with it...please show pics when it's on the boat.  I'm trying to think of an onlay for my boat...shouldn't be as hard as I'm making it.  But I'm having a real hard time coming up with something that has good meaning to me, and is original.

Jerry S

RE: Deck On-Lays 

RE: Deck On-Lays

If you go forward from the picture in this link you'll see my experiment using a laser printer.  No issues with the ink running and you don't have to print a mirror image...just print as it appears and fibreglass and epxoy over great.


RE: Deck On-Lays

Check out what Silvério is doing here:

Page down about half-way to see the vinyl (I think) onlay he's doing over a very complex inlay.  It's just stunning.  I believe he's in the sign making biz, so he could probably provide you with some useful info.


RE: Deck On-Lays

Do a search for surfboard paper or rice paper. 

I scan the clc logo and put that on the iniside.  

You need a laser printer.  Some printers will smear.  Test.  Set your ink level to low. 

RE: Deck On-Lays

I've done several graphics with an Epson Stylus Photo R300 on rice paper, the same as used on surfboards, and haven't had a problem with colors running. The paper dissappears when the epoxy wets it out. You can put it under or over the cloth. Here's one I did on a San O 14 for our surf museum.

George K

museum paddleboard

RE: Deck On-Lays

One interesting thing I noticed when I did the graphics for my WD12. I used a B&W laser printer and rice paper, printed 2 copies of the same image and put one on each side of the boat. To mirror-image them, I just flipped the paper over on one side. The one that was put on straight will show the paper from certain angles, while the one that got flipped stays transparent.


RE: Deck On-Lays

Thanks folks for your replies.  You've been most helpful.  Best,  Bob

RE: Deck On-Lays

Hi everyone,

  I realize this is an old thread but I just did the graphics for my Mill Creek on a Canon i560 ink jet printer on rice paper and had no problems with ink smearing even brushing epoxy directly on the paper.




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