Bubbles in epoxy question

Hi all

After sanding the deck and hull in preparation for varnish many pin hole size bubbles appeared.  They are visible because the epoxy dust fills the bubble holes after wiping down with alcohol. Anyone experienced this?  How can I get the dust out of the bubble holes prior to varnish or do I even need to do that?


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RE: Bubbles in epoxy question

Hi.  I use the "canned air" they sell at office supply stores to clean keyboards.  You need to be careful, because its actually a liquid and if you get it too close to the boat it gets a little wet.  Not a huge problem, but use it in short bursts as opposed to holding the trigger down for a long time.  The cans also get VERY cold as you use it.  I usually keep several in my shop so I can switch them out as they get cold.  You can also use a pin if you have a lot of time.  Good luck!

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