scarf joints- 1st build question

First build- Annapolis Wherry.  I've poxied up the scarf finger joints.  Some came out very smooth surfaced, and others are rather bumpy and rough.

Should I sand them down towards smooth prior to moving onto the stitch phase, or just wait til later on in the process?

Thanks Much, Hickory






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RE: scarf joints- 1st build question

Now is a good time.  Won't find an easier time.

RE: scarf joints- 1st build question

I'm a newbie too, and only a step ahead of you in assembly. So take that in considering my advice. I also had some better looking joints than others. I sanded them smooth to help me decide which looked best for the outside of the boat before stitching.

RE: scarf joints- 1st build question

You might try heating the puzzle joints with a heat gun, being careful to not char anything, and maybe the epoxy will soften enough to press the joints together.  If they won't go together you will have to sand them smooth, which will remove the thin top layer of wood, and use a painted finish.

RE: scarf joints- 1st build question

Thanks for the input folks. I think I'll go ahead sand these down, even though it will slow things down for now- sounds like a winner in the long run.

I think its a good point that I'll then be able choose which side will face out vs in (planning to paint the outer hull).

Cheers, Hickory

RE: scarf joints- 1st build question

Yes,I'd sand them smooth now, being careful not to sand through the surface veneer (been there, done that). After some sanding, if you have a lot of step between some of the joints, now is the time to try heating them to get them lined up better. Dave

RE: scarf joints- 1st build question

I also had one puzzle joint that was not smooth.  I did not want to sand the wood with the resultant loss of a plywood surface veneer layer and discoloration.  Add a few thin layers of epoxy to level the joint out and fiil in the area, and then sand.  The resin is clear and makes the joint look perfect after sanding, and I now can not detect which joint is was that had the problem.

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