Miami Demo - Today, February 25th

Hope you can get out to see us on Virginia Key just across the causeway from the Marine Stadium!

We were compelled to move the big trailer off the premises after setting up, so we don't have that easy landmark to find us on the beach.

More on the demo location here.

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RE: Miami Demo - Today, February 25th

More important might have been to mention it was on the SOUTH side not the North side.  We ended up going over the causeway twice but did find it.


Thanks for having it and it was very helpful to try a couple of other boats!!


RE: Miami Demo - Today, February 25th

Thanks for a great demo in Miami!  A really nice turnout, and sorry for any confusion on location.

Months in advance, we'd taken out the proper permits, paid the fees, and double-checked with all relevant authorities.  Nevertheless, when Austin pulled up with the rig, the police told him to move.  A minor fracas ensued, with the city agency who issued our permit at odds with the police over who had jurisdiction.  But for Austin's cool head, we might have been tossed off the premises entirely.  The demo went off as planned, but the police made Austin move the unloaded trailer, depriving us of a landmark for our demo location.

It's about the tenth time in 15 years of perambulations we've had something like that happen.  It's the reason that our demo tours tend to return to the same places around the country over and over---places where we have confidence in the local bureaucracy.  When we pick a new demo spot it takes months to get proper permits and written permissions. Yet when the appointed day comes, there's a danger that local officials might nevertheless change their minds and tell us to buzz off, as at Miami yesterday!  (If you've advertised a demo for weeks and driven 1200 miles, this can be catastrophic.)  

I get an avalanche of email wondering when we're going to come through Racine or Galveston or Havasu (all on our dream list).  What's essential is a local person with experience in the permitting process for local beaches.  Someone who can tell us, for example, that THIS particular beach is permitted through State Parks and Rec, but the beach 50 yards away is owned by the City, and to be sure to ask for Vicki OR Marjorie at Planning and Zoning but NOT Mr. Dalton, and not to forget to call Joe's Windsurfing Rentals for permission because he might be upset if we take up parking spaces, etc. etc.  If someone wanted to come set up a demo in Annapolis, I would know EXACTLY who to call. But it's an expensive and fraught guessing game for me in, say, Michigan.  

Thanks again to everyone who helps us with these demos!

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