Cutting plywood on the mark


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I have all my lines transferred to the plywood and ready to cut. The plan lines are pretty thick, I traced the lines using the very outside edge of the plan lines, now I am wondering if the lines were meant to be taking or left when cutting. I have heard that the SW has a low tolerance for variation (1/16 inch) If I cut leaving the line this could add as much as 1/8 inch overall to each panel if it was not designed that way. Wondering what others have done.



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RE: Cutting plywood on the mark

Better to cut too big than too small. You will bevel and trim to size with a sharp low-angle block plane. -Wes

RE: Cutting plywood on the mark

Also, stack your wood so that you cut both sets of a mirror-image pair at the same time, then plane (or sand) the edges at the same time. That way the relative accuracies are maintained, as well as the absolute.



RE: Cutting plywood on the mark

To cut the sides and bottom panels I used a sabersaw with a metal cutting blade and did not chip out the wood with the fine metal cutting blade.  I cut about 1/16" outside of the line.  I had stacked and screwed the panels together at the holes where the copper tie wires go.  Next I planed the panels  to the line.  I planeed to the center of the pencil line. Your plane should be razor sharp.  Most important is that the planed edges are "fair", not wavey when you sight along the edges.

Some plans call for planing the edges to a 45 degree angle.  I didn't think that this angle on the  thin 3mm material mattered.  However, it does and makes for a better "fit up".  I first planed the edges to the line at 90 degrees and then sanded the edges to 45  degrees with 60 grit paper on a block of wood.

RE: Cutting plywood on the mark

Sweet! Thanks for the help folks. Today is "cut day"!

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