Roll a Shearwater Sport

I know this isn't technically a "build" question BUT I am in the process of finishing up my Shearwater Sport and was curious as to peoples experience rolling this design.  I've always wanted to learn do this but have only had a WD10 to date.  I undertand that model is particularly difficult to turn over and have not tried.  Thanks in advance for feedback.

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RE: Roll a Shearwater Sport

Do you already know how to roll a kayak?  I would suggest watching some youtube videos either way. kayaking 101 has some excellent above and underwater video. I brought my whitewater boat into my livingroom and sat in it while watching. There may be a few small changes in technique with your boat but the overall roll is the same no matter the boat.  Also, a skirt is a necessity if you are planning to roll.

I am building an SW17 from plans now....can't wait to get into the water!

Good luck


RE: Roll a Shearwater Sport

Can't speak to the sport but my SW17 hybrid roll great. Sport should be about the same if you can lay back in it. SEEYA Jack

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