Interlux Perfection (two-part) Polyurethane

Hello All,

For reasons that will go unspecified here, after three years of enjoying my varnished 16LT, I now need to paint the hull and am considering Interlux Perfection. Any experience w/ this product on this board? Experience that could answer quations auch as. . .

1) Is the much-touted glossy finish really *that* good, and markedly better than Brightside?

2) How about application? roll-and-tip-out doable w/o mindbending hassle? (I don't have spray capability).

3) It's expensive. Is the return on investment worth it?

Any thoughts, tales of happiness or woe, recommendations, etc., would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


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RE: Interlux Perfection (two-part) Polyurethane

I've never used it.

However everyone I know who uses 2 or 3 part finishes on their boats over a 1 part do so for the extra tenacity and weather resistance, rather than the look.


RE: Interlux Perfection (two-part) Polyurethane

I've painted boats with Perfection and Brightside by hand, I would paint a small boat (dinghy, kayak skiff ) with Brightside as opposed to Perfection. Reasons, cost, brightside is more forgiving to apply, as far as maintenance, the brightside will do well. Use yellow foam rollers to apply and wet tip with a good natural hair brush.

RE: Interlux Perfection (two-part) Polyurethane

Appreciated, Longboarder. J

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