help with truck racks

Hello, all! Long time since the build, and change in career. I used to have a contractor rack system which doubled as a yak rack. I ditched the rack for better MPG, and because I assumed it would be easy to find a system for a 2005 Nissan Frontier.

Well, I am still looking. Any suggestions? After restarting my search, I went to a local and respectable (REI-type) store, and they said go build it on Yakima's site first and then they could order it. Really?!

Neither Thule or Yakima have a rack system, but I'm thinking it's searching for roof racks not over-the-bed racks.



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RE: help with truck racks

I don't know where you are but I have a set of aluminum trcudk racks in California I would sell


RE: help with truck racks

Search for Thule 422XT. I have this on my truck, and it's great. Strangely, when I go through Thule's Fit Guide on their website and plug in my truck ('07 Tundra), it doesn't show any racks. Pretty sure I've seen it on a Frontier.



RE: help with truck racks

Thanks, I did pick up the 422xt. I had to take out my trac rac system, but well worth it. I did figure out that the sites were trying to match for roof racks. Found these at a much better outdoor store here in Charleston, SC. Can't wait to top the 'yak and hit the water next weekend... or maybe just call in sick one day.

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