Mill Creek 15 Fiberglass Delamination

Hello fellow builders... I bought this boat from a friend who built it 5 or so years ago.  It is fiberglass on wood with the hull being a clear coat of epoxy and the natural wood shows through for the most part.

It is in generally good shape just needing some attention to the finish and the following problems with the underside.

There is some discolored light yellow delamination on the bottom center of the hull in 8 or 10 areas.  These areas are each about the size of a dime or nickel.  The fiberglass moves when pressed down.  What is the best way to repair these to prevent water intrusion and further damage? 

I have been sanding with 220 grit sand paper to prepare the hull for a finish coat of ??? I was thinking varnish but after reading extensively on this forum it might need a coat of epoxy first instead of varnish..??? then varnish later???

 I think I have sanded down to the cloth in some areas... also the tip end of the bow and stern are rubbed down to the wood with about an inch of fiberglass missing from episodes at the boat landings, launchings and such.

This is a lot of questions I know.  Is there possibly a repair guide to answer what are likely my simple questions?

Thanks much for any comments.  This is sure a fun hobby! Thanks much, Rickisan




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RE: Mill Creek 15 Fiberglass Delamination

1. Sand those delaminated areas until all the old glass is gone. This may or may not be down to bare wood. Sand out far enough that you are into good quality, well-bonded glass. Sand down to bare epoxy, but not into the glass, for 3 inches or so around the edges of the blister.

2. Epoxy a glass patch over each sanded area. Make sure that the patch overlaps onto the good glass for at least 2 inches, but not onto any varnish.

3. Once the epoxy cures, sand the edges of the patch, but not too much. Try not to get into the old glass under the patch.

4. Fill the weave and sand fair.

Same deal for the areas where you got into the cloth and where the glass is worn off. If the boat's as dinged up as you say it is, you'll probably need a thin layer or two of epoxy to fair it smooth before the varnish.

As far as a guide, have you checked out the Shop Tips on this site?

Have fun, sounds like a nice project and I'm sure you'll enjoy the boat.




RE: Mill Creek 15 Fiberglass Delamination


Thank you  so so  much... I will follow your advice about the patching. Sounds good.  If we are allowed to post pics I will try to do some of these problem areas before and after type shots.

One last question.  Maybe I will  find the answer in the Shop Tips section...  how important is it to match the thickness of the glass and type/brand of epoxy?  I know this boat was built from a kit the former owner purchased from CLC but he can't remember any specifics about the fiberglass weave or the epoxy brand etc.... he bought the kit about 7-8 yrs ago and it took him 2-3 years to finish.  He may still have the plans and I could ask him if he still has them, if it might help me identify the materials used.

I'm thinking I just need the smallest amount of glass and epoxy I can get but a little cautious about the brand etc.  Maybe I could query CLC directly?  I'm new here so don't know my way around to well yet.

Thanks again so much for the detailed response,  Rickisan

RE: Mill Creek 15 Fiberglass Delamination



Welcome to the gang!

Up at the top of this page there is a "Contact Us" link. Click on that to see how to get directly in touch with the CLC folks. You'll find them to be helpful and friendly. Since the kit's only 7-8 years old, it should be real easy for them to set you up with everything you need.

Until then, have you checked out the product page for your boat? Among other things, there's a section called "Materials List for Plans Builders". It will show you exactly what went into your boat and what it would cost to order replacements. The glass and epoxy amounts are, of course, for a complete boat, so they're much more than you need, but at least you'll see the recommended weights and brands. You can always order less. You can also order the plans and builder's manual separately, in case the former owner has lost his.

And you are definitely allowed to post pics here. The instructions are hidden on the first page of the Forum:

Have fun,




RE: Mill Creek 15 Fiberglass Delamination

Hi Rickisan,

I have an opportunity to buy a Mill Creek 15 with the sail rig components in my area. I thought this is a way for me to have my first Kayak before I decide to build my own.

If you have used your Kayak on the water, could you comment on it's performance and stability both as a Kayak without the outrigers and as a sailing Kayak?  This one has a rudder already installed. 

Your reply is greatly appreciated,


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