How much epoxy on wood duck 10

Hi Folks,

I have completed all fillets and joined deck and hull on wood duck 10. Before I get started on fiberglassing the exterior I want to make sure I have enough epoxy left.  The kit that came with the boat seems to have about 1/4 to 1/3 left.  I guess I made my fillets too large...

Anyway, should I order more before I get started? I'd hate to run out part way through.



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RE: How much epoxy on wood duck 10

If in doubt get some more like you said that would be a bad time to run out.  Its always handy to have some around the house anyways. 

I ran a few cups short of epoxy on my WD10 after fiberglassing and needed to buy more for the final coat to fill the fiberglass weave in.  Sounds like you will too.

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