A Chesapeake 16 beginning

I've just began this boat after building a couple of self designed SOF's last spring. I'm looking forward to building the sailing rig for this one from plans.

The beginning

Cutting Scarfs

Cutting Scarfs



Lofting bow and stern profiles from The New Kayak Shop (Chris Kulczycki)


Gluing the scarfs and clamping setup





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RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

Much progress on the new boat!

the recently glassed hull

RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

Just glassed the cockpit tonight. I've got a whole run-down of the project on my blog: 


the glassed in cockpit

RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

Are you building from the book? I was going to build a cedar strip version but thought a SOF version would be doable by making cardboard panels and marking off form stations every 2 foot....

my boats...


RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

awoodman: Yeah, building from Chris's book. An SOF Chesapeak would be cool but I think you would get a similar boat by using Tom Yost's Sea Tour plans built in wood and you wouldn't need to build a mock up to come up with the stations: http://yostwerks.com/SeaTour17EXP_2.html

Good looking boats by the way.

RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

The challenge is half the fun to me....Taking a S&G plan and turning it into a Strip Build or a SOF....

RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

I guess I really can dig that, I was thinking the other day about doing a cardboard mock-up of the sailing rig amas to get station measurements and build those hulls in SOF; more to save monet though. I just bought the plans last week, pretty excited to look them over.

RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

The boat is finished and other than a little bit of dust in the varnish I'd have to say it's a success. Now I get to jones for a couple of months untill the resevoir by my house opens for the summer...The New Boat

RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

Got to get the rudder in frame.


RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

Good looking Highdesertpaddler ...did you build the rudder?

RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

I love your rudder!  A very clean job of it---people would enjoy photos of how you molded that.  

RE: A Chesapeake 16 beginning

Thanks guys, I built the rudder out of carbon/kevlar and used the rudder bracket from CLC to mount it. I used some old oil-lite bronze bushings from an RC car I had when I was a kid in the rudder bracket so a quarter inch bolt runs in there perfectly - super smooth.

As much as I like the red I think next time I'll go with just carbon as the kevlar is really hard to work with; It'll eat a sander belt in no time. Also I'll be setting a vacuum bag on any fiberglass or other composite project in the future; I found a catamaran builders site with a great budget meathod:


It's about the middle of the page under "CONSTRUCTION"

lay up

rudder layup


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