I'm looking for any and all opinions on how the SeaDek non skid material looks when used on the decks of a bright finished (interior) Chester Yawl.  I've seen the Pram pic here on the site but there is nothing like getting input from someone who has seen it first hand.  I like the idea of the SeaDek as opposed to grit in the varnish but I am concerned that it will take away from the classic look of the boat.  There is a lot of area to cover in the Yawl.  What are your thoughts?


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RE: SeaDek?

Have a look at the Kaholo stand up paddleboard pics since the use large pieces of EVA pads. I've been hunting for clear deck pads but have been unsuccessful at this juncture. 


RE: SeaDek?


I've seen it first hand and am considering it for the cockpit in my schooner. The picture of the pram is pretty much right on. If you don't like it there, you won't like it in your boat. The stuff is deliberately engineered to look neutral, but there's a large contrast between it and the wood. It blends in better with painted surfaces.

One thing you could do is to finish your boat, try it out with the stock varnished floor and then decide about buying the SeaDek. It's just as easy to add on after a few paddles as before launch.

If you decide that you need a non-skid deck, you could cut out templates from light grey paper according to the pattern in the CLC illustrations and put them in your boat to see if you like the look.

Good luck,



RE: SeaDek?

Michael and Laszlo - thanks for your thoughts.  Good ideas there.



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