Adding hatches to wherry?

Has anyone considered adding a small hatch access to the front and aft enclosed bulkheads in the Annapolis wherry. I am thinking a relatively watertight hatch cover could allow access to a small storage area for survival gear, etc. Thoughts?

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RE: Adding hatches to wherry?

Adding watertight hatches could easily be done. I question how funtional they would be. The wherry is very stable when seated in the rowing position. But it's not nearly as stable when standing and even less when moving about. Those hatches would not be within reach while seated. So that means standing and moving to the end of the boat. Not easy to do.  If you are capsized or swamped, you definitely would not want to remove those hatch covers. Those tanks are there for floatation. I'm thinking a waterproof bag would be much more functional and safe. My survival gear on my wherry consists of a canvas collapsible bailing bucket and a waterproof/floating VHF radio. Both clipped to the row wing within reach while seated in the rowing position. If you do get capsized you don't want to have to swim around searching for your gear as it floats away.

RE: Adding hatches to wherry?

Thanks for your thoughts on this, McCarty J. Makes sense to go with a waterproof bag clipped somewhere accessible. Btw, I have enjoyed and benefitted from watching your videos on YouTube. Thanks for helping the rest of us out. Rand

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