Are any Manufactures microballoons compatable with MAS Epoxies?


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RE: micro-balloon

I had micro-balloons come with MAS epoxy in my kit from CLC, they work just fine. I don't know the manufacture. Call CLC or MAS.

RE: micro-balloon

Wasn't aware of any compatability p[roblem with micro balloons. They are glass bubbles, inert chemically, should have no effect on any epoxy. Back in the `70s and `80s when I owned a hobby shop I believe the "microballoons" were phenolic resin, also fairly inert. Now I use 3M Bubbles which are glass and can be purchased cheap in bulk.

RE: micro-balloon

The ones CLC sells are phenolic. Both glass and phenolic are compatible with epoxy. The most obvious difference is the color.

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