Sealing bare plywood

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I'm Building a Wood duck 10 and am about ready to join the deck and hull. There are some areas of the interior that have been coated with epoxy and have that wet look, but still feel kind of rough like the texture of wood. Should I add more epoxy to give it a glossy feel? Or is it sealed good enough? The first coat was placed with a plastic epoxy spreader when I was applying the fiberglass tape at the seams, so it was very thin.  I followed up with a brush coat, but tried to keep it thin as it tended to run. I don't want to waste epoxy and add weight if it is unnecessary.



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RE: Sealing bare plywood

In the fore & aft Watertight Compartments, as long as the wood is fully sealed, and the fiberglass completely saturated, there is no need for additional coats. Same for the cockpit area, but you should "fill the weave" of the fiberglass, for apearance & comfort. BTW, you are right about using thin coats. Its always better to build up with thin coats, than to make a mess with thick coats.

RE: Sealing bare plywood

Thanks Jim,

I was refering to areas without fiberglass. 

RE: Sealing bare plywood

The roughness you feel on the epoxy sealed areas is made up of lots of small bits of wood that poke up, with the intent to rasp off skin as you hurriedly unload camping supplies for the night.  I usually sand them after the first seal coat, doesn't take much.  The second epoxy seal coat, after cleaning the sanding dust, goes on easier without all the little irritations.

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