Is 400 grit to fine?

On my can of prekote it reads 220 grit or wet sand with 400. I like the feel of 400 but does it give enought tooth for the paint? I used 400 on my last boat for varinsh and haven't had any problem.



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RE: Is 400 grit to fine?

In my limited experience 400 grit wetsand paper is not to fine and will give you adequate tooth.   It's what the autobody pros use.

RE: Is 400 grit to fine?

I'm a woodworker/furniture maker. Over the last few years, I have been sanding to 4000 (four thousand) grit followed by 2 levels of posih + wax. You can't beleive how much improvement you can feel between each coat. It does make a difference. OTOH, I don't put epoxy on the final product. NOt sure what the final finish would be if you went to 4K grit but be interesting to try it.


RE: Is 400 grit to fine?

Wet sand with 400 grit. It produces an excellent surface for paint or varnish and no dust. Dave

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