Mill Creek Hybrid too Long?

I'm working on my first boat, a Mill Creek 16.5 Hybrid from a kit, and after gluing the scarf joints I see that the bottom hull panel is a few inches too long compared to the plans (it calls for 15' 10", I have 16' 1.25").  The joint is nice and tight, and the panels are square and lined up.  I'm concerned that I may have problems stitching it up.  I layed the bilge panel along it, and looks like it would come together OK, although it's hard to say without stiching it all up.  Am I fretting over nothing, or should I try to trim the bottom panel to better match the plans?

Thanks in advance!


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RE: Mill Creek Hybrid too Long?

I suspect that once you gently stich it up things will come together.  Start in the middle and work towards the ends keeping the stiches very loose until they are all in so you can make minor adjustments as needed.



RE: Mill Creek Hybrid too Long?

Thanks!  I stitched the bilge panel on tonight and it came together well - just needed a little adjustment at the stern.

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