Eastport Pram- getting in and out

I see a lot of messages here about the Eastport pram sailing and towing, but how about getting in and out of it as a tender?

I have a Ranger 21 Tug I keep on a mooring, so I have to row out to it and climb over the side. That means I have to stand up in the dingy. I currently use a fiberglass dinghy that works ok, but I want to build a light dinghy I can hoist onto the stern with my Rangers mast. The Eastport weight ought to be fine for that.

I am a big guy- about 250 pounds, and 70 years old. I do get around fine. Am I likely to be able to get in and out of the Eastport Pram OK? How tippy is it? How about climbing out onto a dock?

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RE: Eastport Pram- getting in and out

The Eastport Pram is stable for its size but you need to be sure to shift your weight from dock or mothership to the pram's center of gravity quickly---no lingering halfway between.  There's a good video of Eastport Pram crew embarkation here, at about 0:40.

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