Kaholo leads the pack!

The New Bern Twin Rivers Paddle Club held their annual New Years day paddle. Kayaks and a few canoes, until me and daughter showed up with her Kaholo SUP. The kayakers loved the Kaholo and the SUP idea, and around 1 PM the pack was off with temps in the high 60s, and wind kicking up.  The wind direction was crosswind and later (course change around Union Point) quarttering from the stern, so daughter decided to pull out at the end of loop rather than rather than beat againstb the wind, which was up to 12 mph,  When we carted the Kaholo to the truck she said she was sure she could have made it back - gaining confidenace in the board after her third trip out.

When the pack rounded the point for the local newspaper photo op (New Bern Sun Journal 01/02) the Kaholo was lewading the pack and daughter wasn't even working it, just stroke and glide.

Back at the launch point for coffee, hot chocolate, and doughnuts, we fielded numerous questions. The club has a new member, darling bdaughter, and the Kaholo has a wait list for test rides when the water temp is more agreeable for splash downs :-)

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