Bright color for deck?

I'm rehabbing a Chesapeake 17 LT that currently has a somewhat dingy white deck and a teal hull. I'd like to paint the deck either white or yellow, as part of a scheme that will match either the Finnish or Swedish flag colors.

It's been pointed out to me that a white deck might be hard on my eyes on bright days. But I'm in NH, not FL, and we don't get nearly as much bright sunshine here as other places. I also prefer a bright color for visibility, which pushes me toward the yellow for low light conditions.

What say you folks who have actually had bright-colored decks?

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RE: Bright color for deck?

You can have both !!!  If you are going to paint your deck white, to cut the glare, just all a SMALL amount of the blue to the white.  In large quanties, I add half a shot glass full to a gallon.  Reduce the amounts to fit your needs and go for it. 

Seen by itself, everyone will say it is white.  The only way to "see" the slight difference is to place something truly white near it.  Even then, the color difference is suttle...   ~BRUCE~

RE: Bright color for deck?

Thanks, Tugbruce, that's a very good suggestion and certainly one I'll try! I'm working on both the boat and a 1:12 model. Principal reason for doing the model is to see what the color scheme will look like, so I can try this out first.

RE: Bright color for deck?

I live in a very sunny part of the world and have never had a glare issue with my last 3 white decked surfskis. 

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