Keeping garage warm

I'm considering another boat building project, but the room I used for the Mill Creek is no longer available for such things, nor big enough anyway. So the garage will have to do.

But it's colder now than I'd like it to be. I'm sure you fellows up north have some ways to keep the cold out, so I thought I'd ask.

I think my garage door would be considered insulated---it is a double metal skin with core. But  still quite cold to the touch. 

Even more important, wind  (we are right on open water , and get a lot of wind) pushes the door away from the weather stripping, so it's quite drafty. I want to mount removable vertical bars to give more support to the sides and middle of the door to keep it pressed up against the weather stripping. 

But before I do this I want to see if I should also add insulation to the doors, because one might interfere with the installation of the other. 

Does anyone have any other ways to block the heat loss through/around the  garage door? The door doesn't need to be opened often, maybe not even until spring. 

We are in SE Virginia, so I know I face a less daunting task than many. Even though I can add heat to the work, keeping the weather out of the garage will be beneficial to the house above as well, so I would like to address this first.



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