Can you identify this boat?

I just bought this boat.  It had been in storage for 10 years and is in rough shape.  I love the lines and am in the process of sanding/repainting, fixing a few things.  It has a CLC sticker on it, but I'm not sure which design it is, can someone help? 

Length is 17'6.5"

Beam is 21.5

Cockpit is keyhole shaped and 27 x 16

Weighs 42lbs

No foot pegs.  I'm 5'8" and I can only get in barefoot, with my feet against the forward bulkhead.  With shoes, even sandals, I can't get in.

Thought it was a Cheseapeke but it's longer, the bow is pointier and the sterrn is flat.  Any ideas what she is.

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RE: Can you identify this boat?

size not just right, but it loks like clc west river.

RE: Can you identify this boat?

THAT is a Patuxent 17.5.  We sold plans and kits for those from 1994 to 1999.  That one looks to have been built from plans.  That design was meant for smaller adults.  It would have been after 1995 because later plan sets included the small transom to match the one on the Patuxent 19.5.

A design that required a certain amount of builder interpretation....I'm not sure any two were ever exactly alike. They all paddled well;  hundreds of kits went out.  

The Patuxent 17.5 and Patuxent 19.5 were retired and replaced by the Pax 18 and Pax 20, which are for racing or workouts.  "Pax" is local shorthand for "Patuxent," referring to the nearby Patuxent River.  We abandoned the Patuxent model name because nobody outside the Chesapeake region could pronounce "Patuxent."  (pah-TUX-int)  We got a lot of "pah-TOO-shawn" and "paw-TUCK-it" when the tech calls came in.  In fact, we've mostly abandoned Chesapeake rivers because, having used up the most pronounceable of them we're down to the Wicomico, Conococheague, Pomonkey, and Chicamacomico rivers, which would generate curious pronuciations, indeed.

(Unpronounceable rivers aren't exclusive to the Chesapeake.  I don't stand a chance with Maine's Passagassawakeag or Mattawamkeag Rivers.)

RE: Can you identify this boat?

Thanks for the info John.  Most of my paddling is in Tampa Bay and the Gulf, so I'll probably clean this old girl up and find her a new owner.  Of course I'm going to check out the speed in this one first.  From what I've read, she is supposed to be fast.

RE: Can you identify this boat?

I'm thinking of naming a boat after one of our central Florida rivers, the Econlockhatchee.

George K

RE: Can you identify this boat?

You want a nasty name for a river or lake?  How about the real name of Webster Lake in Webster Mass?  The actual name is

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg


Google Webster Lake if you think I'm kidding. 


 You could give free kits to anyone who can actually pronounce it correctly.  :-)



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