What to do with big plywood

In case anyone's interested, here's one use for the 4'x20' plywood sheets that CLC sells. It's not a CLC design, but so far, except for the sails, it's all CLC materials. The large sheets have definitely made the build easier and faster.

Click on the image for a larger picture, or here to go to the full website.



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RE: What to do with big plywood


RE: What to do with big plywood

Awesome project Laszlo.  Quick newbie question.  On the glassing page of your website you stated "The entire inside is glassed. The weave will be filled in the cockpit and hold, but nowhere else. It's not needed for strength, so why bother with areas that won't be visible?"  when you say not needed for strength, do you mean that the strength is in the wood etc, or that one coat of epoxy (without the glass being filled) provides all the strength.  I am building a Kaholo which I plan on glassing on the inside (doing a strip build and not the plan build). The inside won't be visible but I am glassing it for stength, however I also want to keep the weight light.  Will one coat of epoxy on the glass be enough for strengh or should I recoat and fill the weave for strength? 




RE: What to do with big plywood

Hey Mike,

As long as the glass is completely wet out, extra coats of epoxy to fill the weave add no strength. They make the surface smooth and provide a bit of extra abrasion protection. Smoothness and protection, if needed, can also be obtained with fairing compound. The only reason to fill the weave with epoxy is when finishing bright.

In your case, I wouldn't bother filling the weave, either. You don't need either the smoothness or the abrasion protection inside a sealed compartment, so you might as well save your money and the weight.

Have fun,



RE: What to do with big plywood

WOW laszlo,

What a great project and a great website !!!  I will keep my eye on your progress.  I would love to see it when it's finished. Okoumefest maybe ?


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