Outdoor storeage/tarp

My skerry is out in the yard, on horses and bottom up. I would like to protect it from the elements til April and have purchased a large tarp. Will draping the tarp directly over the boat harm the boat or should the tarp be suspended on some sort of a frame ?..I am thinking trapped moisture but perhaps on a finished hull (painted) this is of no concern...thanks...tomc

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RE: Outdoor storeage/tarp

Last winter the finish on the bottom my Wherry (Interlux) was discolored where the poly tarp came in contact with the paint.  There doesn't seem to be a problem with paint-to-wood adheasion, just looks bad.  The boat is getting repainted this winter and I will avoid plastic to paint contact in the future.

RE: Outdoor storeage/tarp

I store mine under the eaves with a tarp covering it where the Yak sticks out, the yak is wider than the eaves. I have had to replace the cheap tarp about every two years.

I would suggest proping the tarp up off of the boat, maybe as simple as a couple of boards across the boat with the tarp drapped over.


RE: Outdoor storeage/tarp

Mine spent all winter under a blue tarp and the only issue I've had were tarp marks in the paint on the bow (probably from before the paint had cured enough).



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