How do I get my build ready for winter?

Hey All,

I'm at a stopping point in my Night Heron Strip build, because I don't have a heated work shop. So, I need to get my build ready for cold weather, and I don't know what I need to do to protect my build from the cold.

Things I have done so far:

1. Glassed the inside and outside of both the deck and hull

2. Put the boat back on the forms (although the deck and the hull are not joined)

3. Asked questions for help here on the forum from the experts

What are some things I should do to keep my hard work from damage in the cold weather? Right now my work space (garage) is 30 degrees, and I live near Cleveland, Ohio.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...thanks!

Chris F

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RE: How do I get my build ready for winter?


Get your epoxy and varnish bottles inside a warm heated area until spring. Otherwise the epoxy will almost certainly crystallize and you'll have to re-liquefy it come Spring.

Otherwise, the rest of the stuff should be fine as long as the shop is watertight. I feel your pain, BTW. I used to live in Trumbull County and those winters still make me shudder.


RE: How do I get my build ready for winter?

Thanks Laszlo,

I always keep epoxy off the floor in my basement (heated part of house), but my boat is in my detached and unheated garage. Every part of my boat is sealed in epoxy and fiberglass except for the rim of the coaming riser and the edges of he hull and deck that have yet to be joined.

Hope everything will be ok for cold months near Cleveland.


Chris F

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