Shearwater Double deck

Does anyone have more details than the manual about how to put the shearwater double deck together. The main parts in question is the mid deck.  I'm just posting this just in case I can get some info before I get an e-mail back from CLC. So for now I'm in a holding pattern.  Thanks


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RE: Shearwater Double deck

I assume that you mean how does the mid deck get its shape. Start at one of the corner intersections of the mid deck, the forward cokpit ring, and the sheer panel. As you work around the deck wil curve to its shape. It's really cool watching it assume the shape.

RE: Shearwater Double deck

How did your deck come out? I built mine today, and found the deck is over 10mm narrower than the transom where they come together. I can't think of any fix other than to un-wire the transom and trim it to fit.

It's also about 10-12mm short at the bow. Unsure what to do here.I indexed the deck to the hull by matching the puzzle joints, which worked perfectly. Length back to transom is right on -but short at the bow.

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