letters over varnish

I am interested in putting a name on my varnished CLC boat.  What is the best way to go about doing that?  Somehow, "stick-on" vinyl letters seems to not fit with a handbuilt wooden boat.



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RE: letters over varnish

Go to any sign shop and they can set you up with custom lettering either in vinyl (not the same as the store bought letters) or ink or paint or any number of options including graphics to go with the lettering.  Just think about the signs you see on vehicles and you will see that there are lots of options to choose from.

RE: letters over varnish

Print out your graphic on a laser printer on sewing pattern paper.  Find an area on the pattern that is blank and cut it out.  Tape all edges of the pattern paper to a piece of regular paper that the printer will accept.  Run the paper through the printer (you don't need a mirror image).  Cut out you graphic and place it on the kayak.  Varnish over the graphic.  I have always placed my graphic under the epoxy coat but varnish should make the paper "disappear" the same as the epoxy.  Experiment on a scrap piece first.  P.S.  Your thread about your B.C. trip was awesome!...those boys will be telling their grandkids about that trip.


RE: letters over varnish

Sorry...the B.C. trip comments were for Thor.....

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