glassing the combing

Maybe this is a dumb question... I built my CH17LT last spring and paddled it all summer... Hard.  Great boat in all aspects.  


I am not refinishing it.  Does it need it?  Not from the wear and tear, but more from my rushing to get done last March.  


When I finished the boat I did not glas the combing.  I just stained it and put epoxy and varnish over the combing.  It looked great and wore okay.  I did notice the epoxy/varnish wearing where I rest my paddle across the combing.  Not into the wood mind you.  Are you suppose to glass the combing?  



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RE: glassing the combing

If you want you can. I didn't.



RE: glassing the combing

I considered skipping that step, but i'm glad I didn't. I, too have a tendency to hit the coaming with the paddle sometimes, and I think that thin piece of wood can use the extra protection.

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