Dory sockets

I have added blocking and inwales to my dory. Does anyone have an opinion or experience as to if it is okay to use angled oarlock sockets which would be inboard of the planking by a bit over 1 1/8 inch or if I should add blocks and use top mount sockets.  I suppose the socket spacing varries at each station so I may have my answer already unless someone has another thought. Barry

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RE: Dory sockets

Like you, I added 1 inch reenforcement strip full length to the inside of the planking in my dory. I will have inwhales, but after measuring and much head-scratching, my oarlocks will go onto the 1 inch strip, without added elevation. The first two are installed, but since I will occasionally have a passenger, I have to order another pair of oar lock sockets.

I have put in "hanging knees" that will support a 4 inch covered plywood scupper inboard of the gunnels, then about 1.5 inches of splash protection such as was designed as cockpit coaming on my Mill Creek 16 built in 2002. I am fitting on the scuppers cover now, a multi-step process since I can't cut out and fasten down until the bottom surface has been epoxied and polyurethaned. The only remaining step is positive flotation install.

Good luck with your build-out.


RE: Dory sockets

Thanks for your input.  What are the scuppers for?

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