cloudy epoxy

A week after putting on the first coat of epoxy on my dory interior, I washed down the amine blush and put on the second coat, waited for it to get to "masking tape stickyness", and put on another coat.  Cool damp air moved in and the cured epoxy is a bit cloudy and makes the wood look much lighter (not good).  Does anyone have any thoughts on solving the mistake.  I used West Sysytem 105/206.  Painting is the obvious solution but I wanted to varnish.


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RE: cloudy epoxy

Hi Barry....I used 105/206 on the interior of two of my kayaks and they have also clouded as you described.  I used 105/207 on the exterior which has remained crystal clear after 5 years.  On my MC 16.5 I used 105/207 throughout due to the large open cockpit...also still very clear even without varnish.  

At the time of my first two kayaks I contacted the tech folks at West System and they confirmed that 206 may cloud under certain conditions and there's not much that can be done after the fact.  105/207 is the way to go for a guaranteed bright finish.

Wish I had better news.


RE: cloudy epoxy

Good grief!  Not sure where you live, but I live on the Carolina coast and before that in DC Metro area, both regions of high humidity, and I have never had a cloudy WEST resin problem. Built a couple dozen boats before WEST came out with 207 - no cloudy finishes. Now I use 105/207 for exterior parts I wish to finish bright since the 207 is a tad more UV resistant.

Sorry about the fail, but as Chris said, switch the 207 hardner for sections you wish to varnish.


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