mill creek hull gap

ive got a considerable gap at the bow and sterr where the bilge panels and the hull panel meet , whats the best way to deal with that?

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RE: mill creek hull gap

I have built 4 MC 13.  A small gap is usual.  It will get filled with epoxy mixed with wood flour.  If you would like to close it up try beveling the inside corner where the hull panel meets the bilge panel. also continue up the bow with the bevel.  Hope that helps.



RE: mill creek hull gap

I've only built 0.5 MCs. ;-) But if you haven't done any epoxying of the panel joints yet, I think you might be able to fix some of this at the bow (and possibly the stern consequently) by loosening the stitiches a few at at a time, starting at the bow, and realigning the panels as you work your way toward the stern. I found that to be quite useful.

My best advice would be to call the CLC folks and get their counsel on this. I ended up with a stern gap that surprised me slightly, but it's apparently par for the course.

Lance Rawling's advice is also good on this point, IMO. 

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