Bow handle for Wood Duck

I was putting on the bow grab handle for my WD12 yesterday. I'd originally planned on using a rope loop with the ever-popular multi-looped fisherman's knot, but then it occurred to me to try for something a little classier. So I spliced it, instead.

I used 1/2 inch triple-laid nylon line. The splice brough the diameter up to a full inch. Not only did it end up looking better (at least to my jaundiced eye) but it is definitely more comfortable to hold than the fisherman's knot version from the Shop Tips.

It's light, cheap and soft (so it won't make a disturbing noise while paddling or scratch the finish) like the original rope grab loop. It does take a bit more time than just tying a knot, but it's stronger and won't come undone.

Here's a picture in case someone else wants to try.


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RE: Bow handle for Wood Duck

A splice is a great idea, and it is just the kind of thing I would do myself, once, just to do it.  But I am more likely to resort to an Albright knot for a bow handle.  

The Albright is a fishing knot, not typically used in sailing/boating, but it therefore comes with the advantage that fishing knots confer.  It is a secure knot, simple to tie, and not meant to be undone.  I assure you that it can be untied out of thicker line and fairly easily too, but it is meant to be a tie-once knot in monofilament.

This pic shows how just under 5-feet of 1/4-inch line comes together.  It makes a very nice handle. Add or subtract to the 5-foot length for more or fewer turns or a different size loop.


albright knot

It is comfortable, and 1/4-inch line is just about perfect for this.  Trim the tag parts of the line close, and an Albright knot on a loop of rope is pretty close to the perfect handle.  The Double Fisherman’s knot is great for joining, but not nearly as well suited for a handle.  

The "Animated Knots by Grog" web site (which by the way is absolutely fantastic) shows how to tie two lines together with this knot (as a fisherman would).  Just consider the two ends of a single rope to be the two ends of two ropes and it works the same way.

Gosh, I’m pleased to contribute something back to this site.  I’ve learned so much here.  I am still struggling with my first boat, but I can tie a handle!

RE: Bow handle for Wood Duck

MC.  I like your idea of using the Albright knot.  How big did you drill th hole and did 5 feet of 1/4 inch line work out.  I am getting ready to something soon.

Thanks fojr your input. 

Coach C.

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