Came across this product on the Internet - it is a self-adhesive PVC material that comes in varying widths and is designed to be installed along the keel lines of kayaks for protection. Seems like it could be very effective protecting the painted hull of my SW17.  Has anyone used it?  Would love feedback.  The web site is


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RE: Keeleazy

I noticed it does not say anything about applying over paint or varnish. If it can, this would be a great product.


RE: Keeleazy

 I contacted the supplier re surface applications and got this reply:

Hi Bob,
We have tested KeelEazy on many different materials with great success including, Fiberglass, Polyethylene, Royalex, varnish, and paint. We have sent over 500 samples to individuals and companies and to date the biggest challenge has been getting the blue backing tape off without removing the adhesive. Graphite powder mixed with epoxy resin should be no different, although I have not specifically tried on that surface. I can tell you that although epoxy resin is incredibly strong it weakest aspect is abrasion resistance. Not only that but It weighs much more than KeelEazy protective strip. Did you receive a sample?

 I'm looking forward to getting a sample to see how it sands and cuts. I'll post results.

RE: Keeleazy

I sent an email to KeelEazy asking if it would stick to fiberglass covered with varnish. I also asked if it was necessary to remove the varnish in the area where KeelEazy will be applied. Here is their reply:

"Yes, we have had success applying KeelEazy to varnish, so long as the surface is sound and clean.   I definitely would not recommend removing the varnish."



RE: Keeleazy

I used it on my Pygmy boats. It's great stuff. Holds up very well and protects the stems better than glass tape. It has been on for a year now with weekly use of my boat and still looks great.

RE: Keeleazy

I have put some on the front & back areas of my keel on a painted Wood Duck. It seems to stick fine. I haven't had my WD out since I put it on.

My only trouble was the angle at the bow is to sharp and it doesn't bend/stretch enough. I was using a hair drier to warm the tape to help it conform to the shape.  I cut darts in it to help it go around the bow, my 1st attempt doesn't look that good, but it looks better at the stern.

RE: Keeleazy

I have used it on a fiberglass Impex sea kayak I own and my only gripe with it was that the adhesive does not come all the way to the edge so if you land on a sandy beach, beach sand gets under the edges of the Keeleazy strip.

RE: Keeleazy

The video at their site says the glue does not come all the way to the edge of the tape because, if it did, the glue would ooze out and attract sand. So, I'm guessing that when heated, the glue is supposed to spread towards the edge of the tape(?). Looks like a good product and might have to give it a try. I like that it is removable with heat. 

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