sleeve/arm protectors for applying epoxy

looking for a source for sleeve protectors to cover my forearms when reaching in the wood duck to epoxy the top/side seam (as recommended in the kit manual).  My local ace doesn't carry them, nor apparently does CLC.  Anyone have a source?  I really dont need a box of 100 which seems to be what is offered on the internet sites.  Thanks a lot, anxious to mix expoxy for the next step!


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RE: sleeve/arm protectors for applying epoxy

I have used the yellow plastic bags my newspaper is deliverd in. I just cut a hole in the end and tape it around my wrists and above the elbow. Any tube type plastic bag avialbale at your local big box store will work. On my current boat I am building , NH hybird, I just wear an old thick sweatshirt. It takes a lot for the epoxy to get through heavy cotton. It has yet to do so. There are lots of cheap solutions. 


RE: sleeve/arm protectors for applying epoxy

Cling Wrap, Glad Wrap or any comparable plastic wrap. If it does not stick to itself, just slap some masking tape on it. Believe me, epoxy will seek out bare skin anywhere on my body. Keeping the arms covered is a must.  If you don't have any long sleeves that you don't care about, then wrap the forearms. I also have waterless soap handy whenever using epoxy.

RE: sleeve/arm protectors for applying epoxy

I wear one of those white tyvek suits (can get them at the big box store) the entire time I'm working on the boat - sanding, epoxying, whatever.  Then I just unzip and take the suit off when I go in the house - no mess on any of my clothes, and nothing gets tracked into the house. Next day when I come out, I put it on and am ready to go again.  One suit lasts for most of the project, although it's ready to toss at the end, and the sleeves do get pretty messed up after the insite step you're about to do, 

I put rubber bands around the end of the sleeves to keep them shut tight.  When I'm epoxying, I wear regular long-type rubber gloves, like Rubbermaid ones you get at the supermarket and pull the sleeves/rubber bands over the top so nothing gets on my skin.  If I'm doing something really messy like filleting followed by clear resin work, I put two pairs of the regular disposable thin latex gloves over top of the Rubbermaid ones.  When I'm done filleting and they are covered in goo I peel them off, have a fresh pair underneath ready to move onto the clear resin work, then when done with that I peel them off and still have the regular gloves that are clean so I don't get sticky resin fingerprints on stuff. 

I also found on my last build that wearing a disposable shower cap (make sure no one sees you in this get up of course) keeps the resin out of your hair when you're doing the inside work.  Even thought it looks dumb, it's much easeir that getting epoxy out of your hair afterwards with white vinegar (and yes, I've had to do that before I got onto the shower cap idea)! 

RE: sleeve/arm protectors for applying epoxy


Here's some:

Tyvek sleave protectors


Obviously you're not building in the Mid-Atlantic in the summer. Due to temps in the 90's and nearly 100% humidity, I had to wear something more breathable and still took lots of rehydration breaks. But for civilized parts of the country, your getup sound very practical and neat. 

I also wore a respirator with VOC cartridges just because I'm a bit sensitive to epoxy fumes. So at one point when I went into the house, my little fraidy-cat took one look at me, growled and slunk away to hide in the basement. Maybe one day I'll write a book called Building Boats and Scaring Pets - How the Stitch & Glue Method Stuck on Me.



RE: sleeve/arm protectors for applying epoxy

Thank you all, your solutions are all great and greatly appreciated! 

RE: sleeve/arm protectors for applying epoxy

Laszlo, I too wear a full face respirator with the tyvek suit, gloves, and shower cap; I'm sure the neighbors think I'm doing something illegal over here!  My dog hides in the house when he sees the getup coming out. 

Yes, I'm sure it would be too hot for warm weather use, but in rainy cold Seattle it's perfect. 

RE: sleeve/arm protectors for applying epoxy

Not just cats -- my wife's Malinois wanted a piece of me when I came to the front door in respirator, eye shield and ear muffs. This from a dog that has lived with us for twelve years and hangs out with me during the day while she's at work and I'm working in my office at home ............

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