dory thwart screws

I am getting close to building and installing thwarts in my N-Dory and find bronze screws at West marine to be $1.50 each.  Is using brass okay since the finish washers are brass or should I order bronze screws somewhere (CLC)?

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RE: dory thwart screws

Maybe if you go up a couple of sizes.  It's possible to actually twist off a brass screw with a screwdriver---they're that much less strong.  If that doesn't happen right away, corrosion will eat up brass in a season or two.  I had rubrails on a boat affixed with brass screws just fall off after two years.

Brass is mainly decorative;  bronze is structural.

For that matter, use stainless instead of bronze!  Stronger, generally easier to find, though not as attractive.


RE: dory thwart screws

Jamestown Distributors has silicon bronze screws at a much better price.  You can probably by a box of a hundred for what WM charges for 8.  They will also sell smaller amounts.

RE: dory thwart screws

Thanks, I will check online and go with the bronze.

RE: dory thwart screws

just a thought bearnkar. Using a bit brace (hand drill) when putting brass or even bronze screws. Maybe lube screws with some ivory soap and or drill a pilot hole/countersink. Especially those slotted screws.

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