varnish in can

no matter what i do once i open a can of varnish it immediatly skims over  thickens up and gets clumpy , how do i keep varnish "fresh" ?

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RE: varnish in can

Hey Greg...   Two things...  First, make sure the top is COMPLETELY on all the way around...   Secondly; the skin forming is due to air inside the can.  So, in the past, I have used clean  rocks to fill the space.  After finishing, use the rocks/pebbles to raise the level to the top, omitting the air space.    ~BRUCE~

RE: varnish in can

Before your reseal the can carefully pour in about a tablespoon of thinner.  Do not mix/shake/stir.  The thinner will keep air from reaching the varnish surface and keep a skin from forming. Good luck.  Jer  

RE: varnish in can

I have had luck with storing the can upside down.  There is a product that I think is called blonox, that is really just nitrogen, that you blow into the can, and it displaces the Oxygen/Air.  Haven't tried it.

RE: varnish in can

Dave, I believe you're referring to Bloxygen. It's made for exactly this purpose.

RE: varnish in can

Can't you just let skin form and protect the rest of the varnish? Then you remove the skin when you next want to use can, no?

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