Hatch Size ??

I am at the point where I will be making hatch cut-outs on my Auk 17. I used the hatch offsets from Nicks book. When I laid the pattern for the forward hatch on the deck, it looks proportional to the deck. When I put the pattern for the aft hatch in place, it looks quite large, and looks like it would weaken the deck a lot. I know I can make it smaller, but if all I am seeing is a bit of an illusion because of being in then shop, and it really isn't too big, I may just go with it.  I'm not sure that I will need two, so I'm looking for an opinion from experience. Day trips and weekend camping is likely all it will see.

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RE: Hatch Size ??

When in doubt, trust your designer. Nick has designed a lot of fine boats and knows what he is doing. -Wes

RE: Hatch Size ??

A large stern hatch can be useful for stowing things that won't fit through the small bow hatch opening. A take-apart kayak cart can be a handy thing to carry, and their wheels are normally 10-11" in diameter. Otherwise, I would look at what objects you might want to carry, and base your dimensions on that.


RE: Hatch Size ??

This is a very timely thread.

I am also at the point of cutting the hatch, but on my Auk 14. There doesn't seem to be any real specs for this. Any guidance on size or shape? I'm only doing a stern hatch.



RE: Hatch Size ??

Thanks for the info....I think I will make it slightly smaller...3/4 or 4/5 of the off-sets size....should I expect much, or any spring back in the hatch after it is cut out? When I read of somebody having that problem, it seems to be with the stitch & glue builds.

RE: Hatch Size ??


If you use a plywood stiffener there will be some spring back if you don't relieve it somehow. Cutting slits in theside that's glued to the underside of the hatch cover, for example.

I decided to use the aft hatch design from the book as well, but am also reducing the size to about 3/4



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