forward facing rowing system

Has anyone used a forward facing rowing sytem?  Looking to get the Northeaster Dory kit and sail kit in late Jan. '12, and would like any info on this.  Looking at the one from Gig Harbor, will be sailing mostly, but if the need or the desire comes up, would like to see where I am going (heavy boat trafic).  Enjoy and be happy.


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RE: forward facing rowing system

Gig Harbor has a forward facing rowing system for I think about $400.  The oars are $200 more.  I'll show you how to look behind once in a while, rowing with traditional oars for only $300.  

Seriously, turning your head every 20 to 40 seconds and otherwise watching your wake is a whole lot cheaper and also facing aft you can see anyone else in the boat with you, have a conversation, take their picture or watch them floating over the horizon.

RE: forward facing rowing system

You can also get a clip on rear view mirror made for bicycles etc.  Not perfect but will help.

They also make ones for bicyclist that fit on your sunglasses.  


I never tried one but it seams to me that a forward facing rowing rig has to be complicated.  



RE: forward facing rowing system

I knew someone that owned one.  My conclusions from his comments:

not efficient.




RE: forward facing rowing system

I row my dory facing forward about 1/2 the time with the standard fixed set up; balances the work out between the muscles in the front with those in the back-arms,legs and torso.  Actually better for the back and the abs.   Its true that the larger muscles are in play pulling but unless you're racing or working against a good wind or current, the difference in pushing is not that great.

Banks dory's were rowed facing forward standing up and Maine Peapods were rowed the same way with extensions to raise the locks above the gunnels over a foot.

Try it; I'll bet you'll like it. 

RE: forward facing rowing system

Re: Forward facing oars

I have a set of the system Gig Harbor Boats sells on my GHB Jersey Skiff. I love the system. Gig Harbor is a wee little harbor so the system really helps dodging the Highball set on Friday evening.

That said there are a few issues my brother didn't care for and is selling his set. One, they are heavy, but I find they are well balanced so this is not an issue when rowing. Plus the company claims a mechanical advantage of something like 15%. They do seem a bit faster, but I have no way to measure output.

Two it does take a while to get used to backing down when turning as you are all basacword for a while.

I'm moving mine to the CLC Dory my brother is putting togeather for me so I'm much interested in seeing how it went for you if you installed them


John Q

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