Cockpit Coaming

I am getting ready to install the Coaming on my NH hybrid. I was thinking I can install the spacers first and the coambing lip later. When I built my SW 17 S&G I had a terrible time getting everything to line up because the epoxy made a slippery mess of everything. Whenever I put on a clamp the spacers and lip would slip out of alignment.  I really don't see any negative results from clamping down the spacers first and adding the lip later, or do you need to do it all at once for some reason I am not aware of. Thanks, Mark

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RE: Cockpit Coaming

The only reasons for doing them all together are to save time and to assure that the spacers are aligned with the coaming. That is more important than having them align with the hole in the deck. -Wes

RE: Cockpit Coaming

This is how I did it:

1. Protect the deck from glue drips with saran wrap.

2. Glue the spacers to each other, and the top spacer to the lip, but do NOT glue the bottom spacer to the deck.

3. Assemble the 3 pieces in the proper position on the deck & clamp down. Allow to cure. After curing, you will find it much easier to clean up glue drips and alignment OFF the boat than on it, especially the outside. I made short work of it with a belt sander.

4. Glue the assembly to the deck.

RE: Cockpit Coaming

Thanks for the  responses guys. I know what I plan on doing based upon your advice.



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