Wood Duck 14 bulkheads/forms and hatch covers

Couple Q's:

Which hull forms on the wood duck 14 are permanent?

Plans seem to indicate numbers 1 and 3, and these are the only forms that extend into the upper deck portion, and they have the angled side's for  stitching the sheer panels...so I', guessing it's these??

 Which deck forms are permanent..if any? (I think they all are temporary forms..but need to confirm).

On the hatch's...plans say to cut two hatch's on the WD14...but to cut the same size hatch on the front deck didn't seem correct, as to fit it on the deck, you'd have to locate the hatch into the area where the top deck has a serious curve in it, and I felt that removing this section for a hatch would have a "spring" effect, so I sized down the hatch included with the plans and kept it forward on the bow where it's flat...seemed to make more sense and look correct for that area of the boat. The plans did not have locating/alignment holes for the front hatch section on the deck template, so I winged it...resized and cut all the appropriate spacers, sil plate and such...any problem doing that? I can't imagine when it's all glassed and epoxied that this would compromise strength?


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RE: Wood Duck 14 bulkheads/forms and hatch covers

Hi I am ready to paint a WD14 and I measured the bulk heads for you,The bow one is 3ft in and the stern one is 4`6" in. Mine was a kit so i had both hatch lids supplied and they are quite a bit different in size. Hope this helps.

RE: Wood Duck 14 bulkheads/forms and hatch covers

It does teefa, Thanks Much..

I sent a similar email directly to the folks at CLC and they were very helpful as well..glad I decided to wing it and create a smaller hatch in the front..boat is looking very good, and I can't wait to finish it up and put it on the water..what a great project this has been. I'm already thinking about the next build.

Good luck with yours,

Thanks for the reply.

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