Petrel Parts

Spending the afternoon planning this winter's project.  Leaning toward trying a stripper (no brass pole comments!) and we really like the looks of the Petrel.  Can anyone tell us what the bungies are attached to in the picture below...I've built 2 CH16's and a Mill Creek I being too ambitious in considering trying a Petrel?

Thanks in advance.

Chris and Sandy

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RE: Petrel Parts

Check out SEEYA Jack

RE: Petrel Parts

You might find the Petrel hull to be quite a challenge for a first-time strip builder. I have built two Shearwater Hybrids but I'm finding the Petrel hull to be much toughter (see my post "Petrel question" above). Try to get other opinions on this; maybe try posting on the forum at the Guillemot site that Jack referred to.


RE: Petrel Parts

I believe that they are ss hooks similar to one of these

I don't see one exactly like those on the kayak, but something like this should work.  I does give a very clean appearance.

 I suspect that they must be thru bolted and backed up on the inside.

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