Building Oars

Has anyone here built their own oars either with plans from clc or from some other source?  I'm thinking about doing it but I don't have my own bandsaw...I suppose I could find one to use but I'm not sure if my wood working skill are sharp enough (or existant at all) in order to complete the build.  I do like the idea of building a pair and maybe saving a bit of money.  Thoughts?

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RE: Building Oars

WoodenBoat magazine August 1986 issue 71 has an article on how to build oars

RE: Building Oars

I'm building a pair of 8' oars for the CLC Skerry I built a few years ago. Using plans from CLC. Lots of fun and challenging; good winter project. Using cypree lumber. Good luck. 

Jimmy V

RE: Building Oars

I built the oars in this article by Jim Michalik several years ago, and I have been happy with them. No bandsaw needed, they are inexpensive and work very well for fixed seat rowing.

The article:

Whatever you choose, good luck and happy rowing!

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