Buildiing a Mill Creek 13

Thinking of building this boat. What types and numbers of clamps would be needed? Also, any suggestions on types of tools would be helpful.

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RE: Buildiing a Mill Creek 13

WOW...  That IS an easy question to answer.YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MANY CLAMPS !!!!.  In truth, I suggest a minimum of 30 spring type clamps.  Over 50 and you will have excess.  Home Creepo has small green colored good quality spring clamps for 99 cents each.   I buy 5 to 10 every time I go there, just because!!!!.....   Get a thin piece of hardwood, say 8" by 3".  Then stick contact type sandpaper (Sticky backed) on your "new" sanding stick.  GREAT for smoothing rough edges or matching glueing surfaces.     Best advise; LOOK at your dry fits BEFORE glueing them.  Last suggestion, have a radio.  When not sanding, it helps...   LOL... ~BRUCE~

RE: Buildiing a Mill Creek 13

Grab a box of binder clips too. They are helpful in squeezing in between gaps between where a larger clamps won't fit.

Good luck!

RE: Buildiing a Mill Creek 13


 I have built 2 MC 13 and I am in the prosess in building 2 at the same time.  I have about 30 spring clamps with a couple of 6" C clamps.  Besides all of the sanding needs ( power sander) get a low angle block plane ( Stanley) and a good Japanees saw, pull saw.  After that save a lot of butter containers for mixing epoxy along with rubber gloves.  Have fun with your build and keep us all informed.


PS. keep the block plane sharp!!

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