passage maker progress

I've been working on my PM for a couple of weeks now and I'm having a ball.  My sander and I are becomming very close friends.  I've learned a few things:  (1) wax paper will stick to the work piece but it does sand off .  (2)The lid from the cell-o-fill tub makes a very good template for the deck plate holes.  (3) bargan sandpaper from the dollar store isn"t really a bargan...neither are yellow foam rollers with plastic handles from the dollar store.  you get what you pay for.  (4)  The hardest part of building a boat is learning to walk away and let things dry overnight, I could work on this boat twenty hours a day. Just finished pre coating the bulkheads and seats, I expect to go "3 dementional" by the end of next week.  Cheers. Ted

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RE: passage maker progress

  Hey Ted - come join us in the Passagemaker Forum:


  There is a ton of great info on building PMDs there and we always like to here about new builds...




RE: passage maker progress

Thanks jim, I have been trying for six months to post on that forum.  Perhaps you could send me a personal message ( and help me get on it, thanks, Ted

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