WD12H Hatch Foam Gasket

In the book, it looks like the foam gasket is attached to the hatch itself and not to the sill.  In the web site's guidance, it looks like the gasket should be placed on the sill.  Which is better?  I already put it on the hatch, but have enough left to do over if necessary.



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RE: WD12H Hatch Foam Gasket

Steve...  IMHO, I'd attach it to the sill, NOT the hatch.  If water does leak in, it will be "confronted" with the full tape's width of stick-um.  Plus, when the hatch is removed for any reason, there is no chance the gasket, (if attached to the deck sill), could be damaged.    ~BRUCE~   WD-12

RE: WD12H Hatch Foam Gasket

I tried it both ways. First I had it on the hatch. That was fairly leaky, mostly because of the open-cell weather stripping provided in the kit. Then I changed to a closed-cell foam gasket on the sill. That was less leaky, but I didn't like the way that the hatch fit anywmore. So now it's a closed-cell gasket on the hatch and that's what works best for me so far.



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