Stains on glassed deck

 A few yars ago I built a CH16 from plans, using Okume plywood and West System epoxy (1:5 ratio). After fiberglassing the deck, some greenish stains (sized like a large coin, irregular shaped) showed up on the fore and aft deck. The first spots were visible before varnishing, the first weeks after varnishing even more spots showed up. I'm now building my second kayak, this time from a CLC kit, and I would be happy for any advice to avoid spots like this on my new boat. 

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RE: Stains on glassed deck

I had a similar experience with my wood duck hybrid last spring.  my stains are on the deck(7 of them) irregular shape about an inch and a half in diameter.  They are yellow-orange in color.  i talked to CLC folks and they were not sure what they were.  Maybe sweat drops on the deck before I glassed it?  i am asking for ideas to avoid this as well as you are.  Sorry I don't have any answers.  I glassed the deck on a hot humid day and I was sweating alot and remember occasional drips on the deck as I was glassing it.  I am starting a WD 10 hybrid and want to avoid these stains on this boat.  I hope there are some ideas out there.


RE: Stains on glassed deck

CLC tells me I should be able to post images now, so I'll make a new try to post a photo of the stains on my deck.

Just for sure I also post the URL adress:

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