Northeaster Sail Rig & rowing

Hi Folks, - I am very close to ordering a ND kit, but have some questions for the ND sailors in the forum.

1) Can the mast & sails be stored in the boat while rowing (fixed seat)?

If so, I'd love to see a photo of someone doing that!

2) Is it possible to start out rowing, and step the mast on the water? How about unstepping the mast on the water in a breeze?

3) Several forum posts refer to different sailing rigs - I only see one on the order page? Any more details/photos

4) What is the recommended length on the oars? Distance between the pins? How do you like the length?


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RE: Northeaster Sail Rig & rowing

I'm about 3/4 of the way through my build and I opted for a lug rig.  The guys at CLC were very accomadating and its not a totally new option.  THere are quite a few builders out there with lug rigs.  IF you youtube "northeaster dory" you'll see a few videos with them.  CLC sent me the mast partner assembly and schematics for how to rig up with my sailing kit.  All I had to do was ask. 

In my mind, tHe main advantage is simplicity.  I envision rowing upwind and then sailing downwind on the Delaware Bay as a main activity for my boat.  I expect you lose some windward performance but in my mind, that's what the oars are for. 

RE: Northeaster Sail Rig & rowing

Hi Erik - thanks for the info - I called CLC & got the scoop on the lug rig. I'm torn between sailing performance that I imagine would be close to the Beachcomber Alpha, & the simplicity of a "stow in the boat rig" - I'm starting to think the solution is going to be multiple rigs....

RE: Northeaster Sail Rig & rowing

Erik, where do you sail the Delaware Bay at?  I'd like to ask you a few questions if you'll send me your email address.  I'm at

Thanks!  Bob

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