Epoxy quantity for a 17LT

Hi all,

Just about to order the epox for my 17LT and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the approximate quantity I need. I couldnt find any information in the instruction manual but maybe I missed it.


Alistair from down under

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RE: Epoxy quantity for a 17LT

The list of materials for plans builders of the CH 17LT shows a Mas #2 package which is 1.5 gal of epoxy & 0.75 gal of hardner.  You can find this info on the CH 17LT page of the CLC on-line catalog.

Enjoy your build.


RE: Epoxy quantity for a 17LT

Thankyou Paul.

RE: Epoxy quantity for a 17LT

If this is a first time build, then probably a bit more than suggested!  If it is a 2nd or subsequent build, then about 75% of the recommended amount :)

The extra is for the inevatable wastage you incur from mixing too much to do a small job at the start and then applying too much to fill the glass and WAY too much for the end-pours.

I just finished my CH 18 and had some left over from 4L/2L  (2:1) Epoxy kit, far less than the suggested 1.5/.75 gal!


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