mill creek hatches

how accesible are bulkhead hatches [front and rea]r on the mill creek 16.5? is it neccessary to instal deck hatches? or can i reach well into the front and rear sections through bulkhead hatches ?

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RE: mill creek hatches


I have bulkhead hatches in my MC 16.5.  They are great for the aft compartment.  Not so good forward.  The bulkhead is well up under the foredeck and you need to do a belly crawl under the deck to get to the hatch.  Add to that the fact that my fwd hatch screws in only with great difficulty and, as a result, I have never had mine off in 3 1/2 years.  If you truely want access forward, install a deck hatch.


RE: mill creek hatches

i thought so  i had the same problem with my pac 20 everything was great till i put the deck on

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