Preliminary Demo Boat List for the West Coast Tour

84 boat kits in our catalog, and only 21 spots on our Big Rig trailer!  Always a tough call to pick which children get to go.  Here's the whole tour schedule.

Still a ways to go before we roll out, so we might change one or two of these.

Jeff Hatch has generously offered to show off his exquisite new PocketShip in Newport Beach.  We're working on another PocketShip to show at the WoodenBoat Festival.

Northeaster Dory
Annapolis Wherry
Passagemaker Dinghy
Eastport Nesting Pram

Wood Duckling, Wood Duck 10, Wood Duck 12 Hybrid, Wood Duck Double

Shearwater Sport, Shearwater 16, Shearwater 17, Shearwater Double

Chesapeake 16LT, Chesapeake 17LT

S&G Night Heron
Night Heron Hybrid Hi Deck

Kaholo 12-6, Kaholo 14


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RE: Preliminary Demo Boat List for the West Coast Tour

For what it's worth, I will bring my Shearwater 17H and MC 16.5 w/ rowing rig as well as the kayak slat seats to Newport Beach.  Will welcome demos of the MC on an individual basis.


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